Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Challenges of A New Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Deployment of a new LSS Program requires extensive planning and support. TMAC can partner with your Deployment Team to develop a plan, provide support, share best practices, and establish standards. Ultimately, TMAC’s Deployment Support will lead to a faster deployment, with fewer mistakes and better outcomes for both the company and individuals.

Here is a list of Deployment Activities shown in the recommended sequence:

  • Initial Planning: Work with senior management to explain the program, identify program champion, gain buy-in, and reach an agreement on a high-level plan for deployment.
  • Deployment Logistics Agreement: Develop a training schedule, select initial candidates for training, perform initial project selection, and plan communication.
  • Train Project Sponsors: Train management team on their roles in LSS, establish process for selecting projects, and choose initial group of projects.
  • Train Project Leaders: Train selected staff as LSS Black Belts and/or Green Belts.
  • Start First Group Project: Black Belts and Green Belts lead their project teams to solve significant business problems.
  • Provide Ongoing Support: Project coaching is provided to Black Belts and Green Belts by a Master Black Belt. Once initial projects are completed, more project assignments follow. From this point, the following ingoing activities should occur:
    • Project selection and prioritization
    • Training additional staff as Green Belts and Black Belts
    • Training project sponsors
    • Providing project coaching
    • Tracking results

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