Flex Courses

You’re facing high demand, staffing struggles, supply chain issues, etc. Attending weeks of training seems impossible. As our instructors visit companies, we recognize the uncertainty in the market place and the importance of cost effective continuous improvement. We are now offering flexible classes for Green Belt and Black Belt to reduce the time spent away from the line and minimize the financial impact.

Together we can take on some of the biggest challenges your company faces and grow the skillset of your employees in the process.

4×2 Green Belt

The primary goal of the 4×2 Green Belt is to develop the ability to lead project teams to solve small to medium business problems using basic Lean Six Sigma methods. The format of this class differs from our regular Green Belt which required two weeks of training. With this new class, the format is four 2-days class sessions, held every two weeks. Some additional half-day sessions are required for taking exams. This minimizes time away from work without reducing the quality of your certification. The training, methodology, and benefits mirror our standard Green Belt class, but at a reduced cost. This class is for anyone interested in Lean Six Sigma and/or continuous improvement. We are offering this course to companies local to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Accelerated Black Belt

The primary goal of the Accelerated Black Belt is to propel individuals towards using more advanced Lean Six Sigma methods in their continuous improvement efforts. Instead of attending four weeks of training, the Accelerated Black Belt allows individuals who are certified Green Belts to only attend two weeks of training. These are weeks 3 & 4 of our Black Belt training. The training, methodology, and benefits are the same as our standard Black Belt class, but at a reduced cost. This class is for certified Green Belts and registration is subject to approval by our instructors. Please contact us for more information.