Building a Better World Through Lean Six Sigma

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We’ve served customers all across the US.

InterConnect Wiring

“TMAC was key to helping InterConnect Wiring vastly improve our kit manufacturing line. It was a little embarrassing to see all of the wasteful practices that crept into our production line over the years. TMAC helped point them out and then worked with us to eliminate them. Thank you TMAC.”

John Ashour, President & Founder

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USG Corporation

“Working with TMAC to integrate the LSS methodology throughout our company has had an incredible impact on our organization. TMAC has been integral in the training and development of our Black Belts and Master Black Belts, and continues to be a valued contributor on our journey of continuous improvement.

– Chris Lawson, Sr. Vice President

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Government of Alberta, Canada

“The LEAN Forward Project was the best thing that we could have done. I measure the true success of the project by the positive comments that we hear from customers and staff.”

Joanne Towers, Area Manager

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City of El Paso:

Project #1: Parks and Recreation

“I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Lean Six Sigma improvement team.  You have no idea how great it is to be involved in working through the process and helping make the changes instead just being told how to change things.”

Mary Gamez, Green Belt Team Member

Project #2: Asphalt Repairs

“Lean Six Sigma training received from TMAC has been instrumental in helping the City of El Paso achieve unprecedented service improvements and cost savings in many of its departments…”

Richard Bristol, Deputy Director

Project #3: Irrigation Repairs

“Over the first 12 months of these improvements being in place results only varied 7% month-to-month…”

Joel McKnight, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director

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QT Manufacturing

“It’s about bringing Fortune 500 companies in here who want to do business with us.  The new facility allows us to grow, and helps us to grow… Without TMAC’s assistance we would have laid the facility out wrong in a number of areas.”

Joel McKnight, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director

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Amerimax Building Products

“The LSS training that we received from TMAC and the deployment of this program throughout our organization is resulting in a cultural change leading to continuous improvement activities netting bottom line results through improved quality, process efficiencies and customer service.”

Rodney Schonefeld, National Operations Manager

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“Lean Enterprise deployment and Six Sigma training have given our people a voice and they’ve practiced using that voice for the betterment of the business. Nosco is a firm believer in the MEP/TMAC program and their level of expertise.”

Brad Elledge, Director of Operations

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Dr Pepper Snapple Group

“Our Lean Six Sigma based Rapid Continuous Improvement program is more than just a way to cut costs. It empowers our people to make informed decisions when tackling change. It is great to have TMAC as an organizational resource for DPS’ RCI transformation.”

Martin Ellen, Chief Financial Officer

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