All new LSS Green Belts and Black Belts benefit from coaching on their projects.

Advantages of having a coach include:

  • Fewer mistakes and less rework
  • Reinforcement of appropriate LSS tools and methods
  • Development of company’s internal coaches and trainers
  • Shorter project timelines
  • Increased financial results
  • Assistance navigating organizational culture
  • Increased confidence in overall project outcomes

TMAC offers coaching for belts which can be performed in-person or remotely via online methods. All our instructors have experience coaching belts in a wide variety of industries, processes, and cultures. We can provide this service in various formats:

The level and type of support provided will depend on your needs, goals, timeline, and scope. In addition to teaching LSS classes, our instructors can provide the following services:

  • Lead project teams at facility
  • Help prepare value stream maps
  • Facilitate Kaizen events
  • Aid in deployment issues
  • Provide training specific to Minitab and/or SigmaXL
  • Assess program deployment
  • Assist in selecting projects
  • Assist in selecting staff for training
  • Prepare project charters
  • Advise the management team