Balancing Old and New

Author: Russ Aikman
Earlier this month I attended two different conferences in which I got a glimpse of the future. The fi­­rst was the Minitab Insights Conference, held in Leesburg, VA (OCT 10-11). Many presenters covered topics that would be familiar to all Green Belts and Black Belts – Design of Experiments, Measurement System Analysis, and Sampling. Other speakers covered topics new to me – Regression Trees, MARS, and Random Forests. For the record, all of these are algorithms used in machine learning (AKA artificial intelligence).
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Smart Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma

Author: Satya Kudapa
What is Smart Manufacturing? And how is it related to Lean Six Sigma? Also called Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Cyber-Physical Systems, Smart Manufacturing has been the topic of conversation for several years among manufacturing experts, strategists and thought leaders. What does this mean to Lean Six Sigma Practitioners? Can we leverage these new technologies to enhance process improvement efforts?
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