A common question asked is “What is the typical financial impact per year of Green Belt or Black Belt projects?” This is a difficult question to answer in that the answer can vary significantly based on industry, type of process, type of product or service, how a firm calculates financial results, etc.

That said, some Lean Six Sigma practitioners state the financial impact of typical Green Belt and Black Belt projects should be about $50k and $250k, respectively. The analysis below reflects the results we have seen from our Lean Six Sigma students over several years. Please see the footnote for additional details.

Yearly Financial Impact

 Sample Size
Green Belt 130 $100,000 $463,770
Black Belt 192 $142,500 $543,454


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NOTE: This analysis represents Green Belts and Black Belts that were certified from 2009 to 2016 working in a broad range of industries. Outliers were removed from the data in order to keep from skewing the results. Results do not reflect all of the individuals certified during this time period such as for projects involving safety, regulatory requirements, or firms that do not share their financial results.