All new LSS Green Belts and Black Belts benefit from coaching on their projects. Even experienced LSS practitioners value the advice of Master Black Belts. When providing coaching we have a very basic goal: To develop your staff into effective problem solvers.

Advantages of having a coach include:

  • Fewer mistakes and less project rework
  • Use of proper LSS tools and methods
  • Develop firm’s internal coaches and trainers
  • Shorter project timelines
  • Increased financial results
  • More likely to replicate success elsewhere
  • Reinforcement of key tools and methods
  • Help with cultural and people issues
  • Increased confidence

TMAC offers coaching for belts which can be performed onsite or via conference call. Our MBBs have experience coaching LSS belts in a wide variety of industries, processes, and company cultures. We can provide this service as part of various formats:

  • Coaching only, on a daily-rate basis
  • As part of a dedicated LSS class
  • As part of a full LSS deployment

Please inquire for more details.