Amerimax Building Products

Amerimax Builds Lean Six Sigma Program


Amerimax Building Products, founded in the 1950s and headquartered in Plano, Texas is the premier supplier of quality products for the Recreational Vehicle, Manufactured Housing and Modular Building industries. In addition, their recreational vehicle doors, residential replacement vinyl windows and patio systems are considered the finest in their respective markets. They employ 84 in Texas and generated nationwide sales of $280M in 2006.


The Situation

With over 800 employees at 18 plants scattered across 10 states, Amerimax felt challenged to provide a consistent product for the growing housing and RV markets.

In 2004 President Scott Anderson made a decision to commit to a formal process improvement program at Amerimax. The company chose Lean Six Sigma, a powerful methodology that combines the waste reduction toolset of Lean with the structure and analytical tools of Six Sigma.


The Solution

Amerimax selected TMAC, via a referral from George Group, for its training needs. TMAC provided Lean Six Sigma Executive, Black Belt, and Green Belt training to Amerimax. Additional coaching was also used on specific projects. The training, which included the DMAIC process and both basic and advanced tools, has been used to solve problems of all types at Amerimax. Green Belts attend a two-week course while Black Belts attend a more rigorous four-week course.

Since 2004, Amerimax has sent their staff to the TMAC Metroplex offices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


The Results

From 2005 through 2006, Amerimax saved over $1.6M through the Lean Six Sigma Program. Some of the specific projects include (annualized data):

• $500k reduction in back-orders
• $300k reduction in direct shipping costs

• $633k saved in scrap reduction
• $68k reduction in setup costs
• $59k order entry and production accuracy savings
• $30k reduction in order entry costs


The LSS training that we received from TMAC and the deployment of this program throughout our organization is resulting in a cultural change leading to continuous improvement activities netting bottom line results through improved quality, process efficiencies and customer service.

author-img - Rodney Schonefeld
National Operations Manager