What is Lean Six Sigma?
How is your LSS training different from other providers?
What are the different roles in a LSS Program?
How do I choose between Green Belt and Black Belt training?
What Lean Six Sigma classes are available through TMAC?
What is included in the price of the training?
What is NOT included in the price of the training?
 Are there any prerequisites for Green Belt or Black Belt candidates?
What is the price for training?
What are the methods to pay for training?
How do I get certified as a LSS Black Belt or Green Belt?
What guidelines can you offer to help me choose a project?
What is the weekly schedule for LSS classes?
Where are training classes held?
How big are the classes?
What project coaching can I expect from my course instructors?
What do students find to be most challenging about this training?
Can the training be conducted at our offices?
Do you offer any Lean Six Sigma training for managers?
Who should I contact about any travel or personal concerns?
What if I have to cancel attendance to a class?